The IBS-GNi 2019 1st QUARTERLY Meeting held @ IAR&T, Ibadan on 26th March, 2019.

The meeting which commenced with an opening Ceremony started at 11.25am with the second stanza of the National anthem as an opening prayer. The guest including the representative of the Director, IAR&T., Ibadan, Dr A.A. Adegbite; Representative of the Provost, Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan, Dr Ayodeji, The acting chairman, Mr Sam Korie, Acting Secretaries, Dr Chukwu, Acting social secretary, Mrs Olusoga were invited to the high table while other special guest like Dr Fashina (FUTA), Dr Osuolale (UI), Dr Chris (UI) and Mr Yussuf (FUNAAB) were equally recognized. The representative of the Director, Dr A.A. Adegbite welcomes the members while reiterating the importance of Biometrics in research. He also declared the Meeting Opened and this end the first section of the quarterly meeting. The congregation proceeded to take a group photograph and returned for the second section. The second section, presentation of paper on Why you need a Biometrician: Spatial Analysis Study in Mind commenced at 11.45am and was presented by Dr Dauda T.O. the leader of the hosting branch of the IBS GNi. His presentation conservatively defined Biometrician as statistician/or mathematician of the biological and health science communities. The objectives of spatial statistics were to assess spatial variability structure (SVS) of experimental field and to develop a measure of spatial variability. He concluded that from the nearness neighbour indices analysis of any plot Y (where Yi are plots of the same treatments and Xi are plots of different treatment), possible relationship with the neighbouring plots and its implications are as follows;
Y is similar only to all Yi (plots that are of the same treatment with Y) hence treatment effects are suspected.
Y is similar to all Xi (plots that are of different treatments) thus spatial similarity is suspected irrespective of treatment.
Y is different from Xi (plots that are of different treatment) and similar to yi (plots that are of the same treatment), the effects of treatment is suspected
Y is different from both Yi and Xi irrespective of the different treatment, inter and intra spatial variability is thus suspected.
SVE can be built into the mixed model as;

The presentation was followed by reaction, question and answers which rounded up the second session and the third session was the General meeting of the GNi. This composed of reading of the minutes of the last meeting; matters arising; business of the day and adjournment.
The 1st quarterly meeting of the IBS-GNi which was attended by ninety six delegates (including 27 students) came to an end at exactly 2.10pm with vote of thanks from Dr (Mrs) Bashiru and the next 2nd quarterly meeting is to be hosted by Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan.

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