Mr. I. S. Amusan

Mr. I. S. Amusan

Seed Officer

Seed processing and storage section of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training was inherited from the Western State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the year 1969.

Presently, the section is under crop production unit of the institute as a result of series of reorganizations that has taken place in the past.


The section is saddled unit the following responsibilities

  • To collect, process and store seeds produced by the institute
  • To maintain the genetic and mechanical purity of seeds of mandate crops
  • To ensure availability of high quality seeds for both research and production purpose.
  • To advice on seed production policy of the institute
  • To provide after sale services for farmers and other prospective buyers that patronizes the institute.

Seed processing and storage be as it may be in the collection centre for all seeds produced in all the institute’s seed’s production stations that are scattered in all agro-ecological zones of south western Nigerian. It has two main sub-sections i.e. The processing sub-section and the storage.

The processing sub-section is involved seed receipts, sorting drying, cleaning, grading bagging, weighing seed treatment and seed transport. The section process the breeder seeds, foundation seeds and certified seeds.

At full capacity both the breeder seeds and foundation seeds processing hall can accommodate 773 tons of seeds.

The storage sub-section is involved in arrangement of pallet, stacking manipulations seed treatment, stock taking and sales of seed. The storage sub-section has the foundation seed store separated from the breeder seed store to avoid seed contamination. At full capacity the stores can accommodate 600 tons of seed.


The section is equipped with the latest state of art processing equipment viz: haulage vehicle, combined seed processing machine, digital measuring equipment, a very spacious tall cold room to mention a few.


Presently, the section is having 2 staff headed by a seed manager and an assistant who over sees and coordinate activities in the section.

Seed Processing & Storage Updates