1. Adetumbi J A says:

    This is a very good initiative
    However, Kindly improve on the followings:
    1. Consistency in the arrangement of the markets. For instance wk 1 started with Oja oko, wk 2 started with Owode, Wk 3 started with Oja Aarada, Wk 4 started with Irepodun,
    2. Give indication of the monetary value (N) in the 1st row and unit of measurement of the commodity: (N/kongo or Kg)
    3. Consider food like fufu: Is that fufu flower or processed fufu (rap) beef is it in Kg or what
    4. Instead of using the word week 1, why not use words like week starting on ,,,,,,,, or week ending on ……., because week 1 in April, might bring confusion to reader
    Just a quick observation. Well done ITU

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