• Evaluation of newly released Quality Protein Maize (QPM) and High Protein Maize varieties under different cropping systems in SW Nigeria.
  • Assessment of four maize varieties at different spacing in three agro-ecologies of Southwestern Nigeria.
  • Promotion of Newly Released Maize Varieties to Farmers in South Western Nigeria.
  • Promotion of proven technologies for improved household food security and nutrition in South Western Nigeria.
  • Generation and Dissemination of market Information along major commodity Value chain of Southwest Nigeria.
  • Market Access by Smallholder Farmers and its Implication on Agricultural Productivity in Southwest, Nigeria.
  •  Participatory development and promotion of botanicals as pesticides in    livestock and arable crop production.


  • Agricultural Development Programme (ADPs) in Southwest zone
  • Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
  • University of Ibadan
  • National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT)
  • Cocoa Research Institute (CRIN)
  • Forestry Research Institute  (FRIN)
  • National Institute of  Oceanography and Marine  Research (NIOMAR)
  • National Institute for  Oil Palm  Research (NIFOR)
  • National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB)
  • International Institute for Tropical Agriculture  (IITA)
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development




South West Farming Systems Research and Extension Programme is responsible for the development, evaluation and promotion of technologies that are ecologically adaptable, socio-culturally acceptable and economically viable to farming households in the zone.  The Institute of Agricultural Research and Training IAR&T has the zonal mandate for coordination of Research-Extension-Farmers-Input-Linkage System (REFILS) in the South West agro-ecological zone. Through this mandate, the programme is directly responsible for coordinating the activities of Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) in the Southwest Zone comprising of Ekiti, Lagos, Ondo, Ogun, Osun and Oyo States.

The Programme has relationships with other Research Programmes both within and outside the Institute in the provision of technical support during Monthly Technology Review Meetings (MTRMs) of the ADPs in the Southwest Zone. This is in addition to advisory services rendered directly to farmers, Industrialists and Educational Institutions that visited the Institute.

Our major strength lies in the multi-disciplinary approach to solving farmers’ problems through the generation and dissemination of agricultural technologies/innovations.


Scientists in the Programme    – 12

Agricultural Superintendents   – 10

Administrative staff               – 10

Farm attendants                       – 6


1. On – station evaluation of technologies to ensure that they are economically and ecologically viable.

2. On – farm evaluation of trials/research outputs to ensure that they are ecologically adaptable, socio-culturally acceptable and economically viable before dissemination to farmers.

3. Development of optimum application rate for organic (animal and crop wastes) and organic- based fertilizer (OBF) in the production of prominent crops -maize, melon, cowpea and cassava in South West cropping systems.


4. Soybean variety TGX 1485- 1 D among other improved varieties was found to be appropriate for intercropping with cassava/maize in the rain forest and derived savanna agro ecologies of South West, Nigeria.

5. High soybean yield with good quality seeds has been obtained when soybean was relayed into cassava/maize intercrop in the rain forest agro-ecology of South West Nigeria and when intercropped with cassava/early maize in the derived savannah zone.

6. Cowpea cultivar IT96D-610 has been found to be good for sole and intercropping under Maize and Maize- Cassava based intercropping systems.

7. Promotion of IAR&T proven technologies to farm families in South West Nigeria.

8. Organization of Training of Trainers (TOT) workshops and other specialized training workshops for sustainable agricultural development.

9. Provision of Advisory services and technical support to all categories of farmers and agricultural industrialists.

10. Coordination of Farming Systems Research activities in southwest agro-ecological zone.

11. Coordination of Monthly Technology Review Meeting (MTRM) in South-west agro ecological zone.

12. Coordination of quarterly steering committee meeting to deliberate on progress recorded by ADPs in Southwest agro ecological zone.

13. Identification of farmers’ agricultural-related problems in the South West zone and prompt intervention to such needs.

14. Coordination of sectoral meeting for validation of OFAR and extension proposals of ADPs in Southwest zone to ensure relevance of trials to prevailing challenges.

15. Coordination of annual Research-Extension-Farmers-Input-Linkage Systems (REFILS) workshop for sustainable agricultural development.

16. The adopted villages and schools’ concept as means of showcasing the Institute’s research breakthroughs for agricultural development.

17. Formation of Young Farmers’ Clubs in Adopted villages and Schools.


18. Participation in externally funded and nationally coordinated projects e.g West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) where some of the achievements include construction of garri processing housing unit and Bio-gas plant in one of the adopted villages.

19. Weekly broadcast of Radio Programme (Agbe Asejere) on Premier F. M. at 6:15 p.m. every Thursday.


Dr. (Mrs) B.O. Lawal
Principal Research Fellow & Head of Programme
Prof. (Mrs) O.T. Ayoola
Research Professor
Prof. (Mrs) L.O. Ogunsumi
Research Professor
Dr. J.O. Saka
Senior Research Fellow
Dr. T.O. Dauda
Senior Research Fellow
Dauda Taofik OyedeleTaofik Dauda
Dr (Mrs) O.I. Akintayo
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Mrs M.O. Oyedokun
Research Fellow I
Ayodeji Idowu
Junior Research Fellow
Miss J.O. Adelakun
Junior Research Fellow
Mr. J.O. Ajayi
Asst. Chief Agric. Sup.
Mr L.A. Adeniji
Asst. Chief Agric. Sup.
Mr. E.O. Awodiji
Principal Agric. Sup.
Mrs A.B. Agbabiaka.
Principal Agric. Sup.
Miss D.O. Awoyemi
Agric Sup.
Mrs V. Odom
Agric Sup.
Mrs. A.O. Akinola
Assist. Agric. Supt.
Mr. Chijioke Chukwu
Assist. Agric. Supt.
Mr. S.O. Akande.
Higher Execute Officer
Mrs D.O. Ojo
Chief Secretarial Asst.