The research activities of the Institute are coordinated through seven Research Programmes.  These are:

  1. Land and Water Resources Management Programme
  2. Kenaf and Jute Fibre Programme
  3. South West Farming Systems Research and Extension Programme
  4. Maize Improvement Programme for Southern Ecologies
  5. Grain Legumes Improvement Programme
  6. Livestock Improvement Programme
  7. Agricultural Value Addition Programme

The activities of the Research Programmes are complemented by the following Research Units/Centres:

  1. Crop and Seed Production Unit
  2. Publications Unit
  3. Library and Documentation Unit
  4. Information Technology Unit
  5. Biosciences Centre
  6. Soil Science Centre
  7. Life Science Centre
  8. Research Advisory Office
  9. Networking and External Funding Partnership Office

Finally, the following Service Units are in place to provide administrative support to research activities in the Institute:

  1. The Registry
  2. The Bursary
  3. Internal Audit Unit
  4. Physical Plants and Services  Unit
  5. Maintenance/Transport Unit
  6. Public Relations Unit
  7. Health Centre