Dr. D. J. Ogunniyan
Dr. D. J. Ogunniyan

Crop and Seed Production Unit is  one of the oldest  units in the Institute. 

The Crop and Seed Production Unit comprises  four sections:

  • Seed Production which is done at the various outstations
  • Seed Processing and Storage at the Headquarters in Ibadan
  • Seed Testing and Certification at Ibadan and outstations
  • Station Management at the Headquarters in Ibadan

The C&SPU office is located within the Institute in Ibadan with seven substations  stretching from high rainforest agro-ecology to the savannah agro-ecologies of Nigeria. The substations are:

  • Ilora (Oyo State) in the derived savannah agro-ecology
  • Ikenne, Ogun State in high rainforest agro-ecology
  • Ile-Ife, Osun State in the rainforest agro-ecology
  • Orin Ekiti, Ekiti in the rainforest agro-ecology
  • Kisi, Oyo State, northern fringe guinea savannah
  • Ballah, Kwara State, southern fringe guinea savannah
  • Kabba, Kogi State, northern fringe guinea savannah

The C&SPU’s office has  qualified staff ranging from  executive officers to field and laboratory technologists and field officers. The unit also has many  modern functional facilities ranging from  field equipment to warehouse and processing shed stocked with combinations of machines and a standard  seed store and genebank. A well-equipped seed testing laboratory is also attached to the unit for seed quality assurance activities.