Dr. O. T. Olanipekun (HOP)

Agricultural Value Addition Programme was formally known as Product Development Programme and had its name changed to Agricultural Value Addition Programme in July 2019 to ensure its all encompassing research works.

The programme conducts basic and applied  research into technology improvement and innovation in processing and utilisation that would contribute to food security through reduction of food losses and increase value-added products for sustainability and wealth creation.

The programme has experienced and competent scientists from various disciplines including Human nutrition, Food science, Nutritional biochemistry, Food microbiology, Meat science, Agricultural extension and rural development and Agricultural engineering

Subtheme of the Activities of the Programme

  • Sustainable processing and utilisation of maize and other mandate crops for alleviation of poverty and malnutrition.  
  • Utilisation of legumes ( including underutilised legumes) for improved nutrition and economic development
  • Development of ideal processing conditions and utilisation for good quality kenaf products and other industrial crops