The Year 2018 Annual In-house review exercise is schedule to come up on Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th April,2018.

As usual, Organizations including National Agricultural Research Institute (NARIs) with mandate for commodities relevant to farmers in South-Western Nigeria as well as International Agricultural Research Centres (like I.I.T.A., I.C.R.I.S.A.T., I.L.R.I., WARDA, WASA et.c.) will be invited to present highlights of their research activities relevant to South-Western Nigeria. Other organizations to be invited include State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Project Managers of ADPs in South-Western Zone, relevant National Establishment/Parastatals and Non-governmental Organizations(NGOs).

Programme of Events

Some of the Organizations will be invited along with the Heads of Programme/Units(HOP/HOU) to present research highlights during presentations. Consequently there will be need for proper time management for each presentation. Each HOP/HOU will be expected to present highlights in 30 minutes while invited organizations will be allotted 10 minutes each.


There will be Mini Exhibition of our technologies/breakthrough. The mini-exhibition will include the Federal College of Agriculture and Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology. The Head of Programmes/Units as well as the Provosts of the Federal Colleges are therefore enjoined to commence in earnest, preparation to ensure a very successful and hitch free exhibition. Exhibition space will be allotted to all Programmes/Units/Colleges.



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